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Indserve: Web Hosting Company offering Dedicated Server Co-location in India.

Our Servers will be co-located at World class Data Center of VSNL (Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd.), New Mumbai.

VSNL is the best Indian ISP as all ISPs are buying Bandwidth from VSNL and all major sites are hosted with VSNL (like Rediff, MSNindia, indiatimes,,, icici's all portals, etc. )

Some technical details about VSNL:

  1. VSNL is connected to Teleglobe ,Telecom Italia, MCI, C&W, Singtel etc on the
    International side via submarine cable (SMW3 and FLAG) and satellite links
    totalling approx. 1 gbps.

  2. VSNL is also connected with all the major ISPs (Total approx. 115+) and all the important corporate via terrestrial leased links at major metro cities.

  3. The intercity network of VSNL is very strong and important key cities of India are connected over fiber back bone of BSNL via STM1 links.

  4. International Bandwidth: Approx. 500 mbps +

  5. National Bandwidth: NO limitation (presently VSNl has access of 1.5 gbps bandwidth from major cities of India). View Data Center Tour.
Route Map for SEA-ME-WE-2 Optical Fibre cable

SEA-ME-WE-2 Optical Fibre Cable system (commissioned in June 1994) connects a number of countries on its route from Singapore in the East to France in West. It provides a medium for high quality digital communications from India connecting to destinations worldwide.

Server Co-location Services from Internet Empower.
Route Map for SEA-ME-WE-3 Optical Fibre Cable

The FLAG Optical Fibre Cable (commissioned in Dec. 1997), extends from UK in Europe to Japan in the Far East . This the longest optical fibre system in the world today.

Server Co-location Services from Internet Empower.
Route Map for SEA-ME-WE-3 Optical Fibre Cable

The SEA-ME-WE-3 Optical Fibre Cable system (commissioned in March 2000) have 40 landing points in 34 countries and 4 continents from Western Europe (including Germany, England and France) to the Far East (including China, Japan and Singapore) and to Australia.

Route Map for SAT-3/WASC/SAFE Submarine Cable

The SAT-3/WASC/SAFE Submarine cable (commissioned in May. 2002), state-of-the art cable system connects Europe with Africa and Asia. Spanning across 15 countries, this cable provides enhanced capacity, diversity and connectivity to all the consortium members. Going around Western Africa, South Africa and India from Portugal in Europe, this cable covers 28000 kilometers before terminating in Malaysia in the Far East



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