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Indsoft has set up a state of the art hosting infrastructure to cater to the hosting requirements of Indian corporates. Package starts for $ 99 per month /server.

The design specifications of this center have been benchmarked against the facilities of global players.

The hosting center has been designed to act as a reliable, secure and scalable facility to host mission critical applications.

Hosting Backbone
In addition to the existing infrastructure, Indsoft is setting up a separate hosting backbone
Earthquake proof design
The Infotech Park building is designed taking into account seismic activity history of the region. The building also houses a railway station and is designed to withstand vibrations.

While the Infotech Park provides basic infrastructure, the specialised nature of Indsoft facility calls for a much superior and redundant infrastructure. Some of the steps taken by Indsoft to ensure the same are discussed here.

Generator Backup
In and unlikely event of a prolonged Grid failure, the generators will be pressed into service. Indsoft has contracted for dual gensets.
Redundant UPS
The data center is equipped with two UPS with a full load battery of 30 minutes as third level of safety against any power failure coupled with generator failure.

Above power supply capacities are planned for initial operations of the data center. However, the electrical cabling in the data center is designed to handle 1000 KVA of power supply. This ensures future scalability for power requirements for the center.

Environment Conditioning
Proper environment conditioning is extremely important for a hosting center. The heat generated by servers and other networking equipment needs to be handled and a constant temperature has to be maintained. A failure to ensure this can lead to sub-optimal performance of servers and can lead to even break down of certain heavy-duty servers.

Some of the steps taken to ensure a fool proof environment control system are discussed here.

Air conditioning
Dust filtration and Humidity control
The air-conditioning equipment is designed to filter any dust more than 5 micron from entering the facility. The equipment will also control the humidity level in the facility.
Inert gas based fire suppression system
The Infotech Park has a centralised water based fire suppression system. But a similar system can cause a huge damage to expensive computer equipment due to water spray even in case of minor fire.

Thus, to take care of the data center, it is equipped with fire safety system is based on inert gas suppression. The fire system is based on zone classification. The four zones are:

Zone Based Security Systems
The Indsoft data center is designed to house very high end applications. Thus the physical security needs to be very high. Some of the security measures designed for the data center are as discussed:
The entire data center is divided into four zones.
Zone 0: This is an area where any person can enter. This is the area leading to the security and reception
Zone 1: This zone is meant for visitors, Indsoft employees and customers. The visitors to the data center (including Indsoft employees) are issued infrared sensitive proximity cards with colour code specification
Zone 2: This is an area where only Indsoft employees working at the data center and valid customers are allowed to enter. The entry and exit to these areas is restricted by Biometrics access. The biometrics access is a combination of thumbprint, retinal print apart from proximity cards.
Zone 3: This zone is the highest security zone and only designated Indsoft employees working at the data center will be allowed inside
Backup Operations
Full backup on weekly basis
A full backup of entire non-operating system data is taken on a weekly basis. The backups are subject to an upper limit. Additional backup capacity can be provided as per specific customer requirements.
CPU Performance reports
This report provides the utilisation of CPU at various points of time. This helps customer determine any need for upgardation of the processing power of the server.
Data transfer reports
These reports measure the data transfer to and from the server.
Bandwidth utilisation reports.

These provide an insight into the bandwidth used by server at various points of time. This can help customer determine the traffic pattern to his server.

Manpower Services
The manpower forms a very important component of any data center. Indsoft has recruited special team to cater to just the data center.
Guaranteed uptime of 99%
Indsoft offers a guaranteed uptime of 99%. This is possible as hosting facility is connected by strong backbone support connected with @Home, UUnet, Global Frontier etc. to make your site 24 hours live
Highest physical security
The applications run by customers are mission critical and thus the physical access to the server resources needs to be restricted. The Zone based security system coupled with Intrusion detection system ensures a very high level of security for the server.
Trained manpower
Indsoft hosting facility is manned by experts drawn from variety of technology fields. The customers can thus hire "hands" to manage their resources located at hosting facility. This will help customers to cut down on manpower recruitment and more importantly, retaining effort.
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